In a nutshell, what is the NDIS?

The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is available to a person (called a participant) who has or is suspected to have a disability. The biggest change is that families can choose what services they need. They can move between services and can have a say in which therapists or supports best suit the individual needs of the child, adolescent or adult. We, at My Word Speech Therapy are an established therapy service that prides itself in giving families services that address their goals and will guide them in developing these goals. We know that if you are happy with our service, you will come back!

Are you a NDIS provider?

Yes we are! We are members of the Clear Messages Consortium who are an NDIS provider. Clear Messages is registered for children aged 0-6 under the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Approach. For more information about ECEI, follow this link.

What NDIS services do you provide?

We are able to offer assessment and therapy services for ALL NDIS participants between the ages 0-6.


Other families who choose to be self-funded can access services through My Word Speech Therapy.


We can help you pre-plan some goals prior to your meeting with your Local Area Coordinator to develop your NDIS plan. We have a Therapy Outcome Measures based planning tool which will guide your decision making. We help choose goals that are realistic, innovative and individualised. We support you in making goals that enable a person to live in a supported, connected and inclusive environment.


We have therapists who can see NDIS participants across the lifespan. That is, we are skilled to see infants, toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children, adolescents, young and older adults.

How is My Word Speech Therapy different to other NDIS providers in the area?

At My Word Speech Therapy, we endeavour to provide an individualised service. We will work with participants and their families to develop goals that are reasonable and necessary. All our goals are tailored to the specific needs of participants. We encourage you to “think outside the box” to identify what is the single most important change that will make a difference to the everyday life of your family. Ask yourself the question: What would make things easier? If only we had help to.

What is a LAC and where do I find them?

A LAC is a Local Area Coordinator. The job of a LAC is to help you to develop an NDIS plan containing your NDIS goals. The LAC will then suggest which services in the area would best meet the participant’s needs. A LAC might recommend more than one service. My Word Speech Therapy is a service that a LAC would recommend, should the participant have communication or eating/drinking goals.

LACs near us include:

  • Intereach – Albury ages 7-65+
  • Aspect Albury – 0-6 years
  • Aspire – Albury – 0-6 years
  • Meri Health – Victoria
  • Social Futures – Albury and Wagga,
  • La Trobe Community Health Service, Wangaratta, Wangaratta Government Centre,62-68 Ovens Street,Wangaratta, 1800 242 696 Email enquiries (mail).
Do you have a working with children's check?

Karla Morison and Maegen Honeman both have a current working with children’s check

Are you a Medicare provider?

Yes! Services require a Provider Number if they are to see NDIS participants.


Our Medicare Provider Number is 4575511B

Do you see children on Betterstart Program or HCWA funded children?

Yes we do. My Word Speech Therapy is a member of the Clear Messages Consortium. This enables children who receive funding from the Better Start and Helping Children with Autism programs to receive therapy at My Word. Children on these programs who continue to need services will be rolled over to the NDIS at some stage.

How do I pay?

In our experience, families with NDIS who are self-funded pay per service at the time of the appointment. This may change, however families have the ability to pay us using a specific NDIS account. Families are unable to use these funds for any other service apart from services approved by NDIS partners. If you are self-funded, the NDIS requires that you send them an invoice for the services you have paid. This is easy, as all our invoices are electronically generated and makes for an easy documentation process.


For children aged between 0-6, the Clear Messages Consortium takes care of all payments. Clear Messages sends the bill to the NDIS and funds are taken out from a participant’s designated account. Clear Messages will keep track of a participants account balance. My Word Speech Therapy and Clear Messages work together on this process. We ask parents/carers to sign a consent for for this process to run smoothly.


If you need more information on fees for services, please contact us and we will explain further.